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When we started our company, finding quality self-defense products was our top priority. Both myself and my partner are active law enforcement and know firsthand that self-defense products need to be reliable and effective. We have had the opportunity to use both Street Wise and Police Force brand pepper sprays in the line of duty. We have found them to be highly effective and have full confidence in Streetwise Security Products.

 John Hill, CO-Owner, Shield Protection Products LLC.



"In November 1992 my wife and myself moved to Florida. We were still way too young to retire, so we had to find something to do with our lives. My wife went to work for a pepper spray and stun gun distributor and I having a medical back ground got involved with The Fire Service and EMS. November 1994 I ran for public office and won; I was now a Fire Commissioner. December 1994 the company that my wife was working for went out of business. Still too young to retire my wife wanted to open her own personal defense wholesale distributorship. I helped her as much as I could. But, being a public servant and trying to get my wife started in business became overwhelming. I found it very difficult to do the ordering and shipping the orders to our retail outlets. I just didn't have the time and couldn't find anyone dedicated enough to help us out. I contacted many suppliers in order to get some ideas of how we can continue our business, and I could continue serving my constituents. Finally, I contacted Streetwise Security Products and explained my situation to their manager. They listened and called me back the next day. Streetwise Security Products offered to supply me with product and drop ship the products to my customers. That would mean that all I would need to do is send them the orders and they would do everything else. They offered me great pricing so my profit margins stayed where I needed them. Within a month everything was running as smooth as one would wish for. I knew that once I placed the order it was a done deal. Twenty-Seven years later we are still sending our orders to Streetwise Security Products. The quality and the service is as great as it was from day 1. Over time, we have developed a great relationship between the employees and management at Streetwise Security. We are all like one large family. Their honesty and dedication is second to none."

Angela and Bob Kanner, Personal Safety Outlet Inc.  

"Fantastic people and products! My Favorite safety supplier..."

Rick Raymond

"Shout out to the folks at Streetwise Security Products. Very Professional and outstanding customer service."


"Our business has been using several Self Defense Product suppliers to date and we can honestly say Streetwise Security Products is the ONLY supplier who we have not had a SINGLE issue with. Orders ship out on time, every time, orders are always accurate and well packaged for shipment, and we have had no customer reports of defective or low-quality products. From our other suppliers offering similar items, we have gotten a few complaints and returns. It is a pleasure doing business with this company."

Shauna and Derek Reynolds

"I love working with your company. Everyone I've come into contact with has been friendly, easy to work with, and super-efficient."

Dillon Lee - Ecommerce Proprietor, Sheepishly Good

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You are the best. I really appreciate your help… My dogs and I will feel so much safer now. Really appreciate your GREAT customer service."

Cathy, Lake Worth, FL

"I want to thank Boris, and Streetwise Security Products for the BEST service possible! I am a long time dealer… What a company! I am a VERY satisfied dealer, and will continue doing business with Streetwise Security Products knowing that they stand behind what they sell. Thanks!

Ed Borgen - Vision Sales

"I just received my replacement Streetwise device. Thanks for your superior service. You guys are the epitome of great customer service.

John­­ Vincent

Hey JT, I wanted to thank you again for your help today. It is truly a pleasure to deal with courteous, helpful and knowledgeable people like yourself and so many others I've spoken with at Streetwise Security. Thanks again!

Dave, Counterstrike Defensive/Sentry Depot

As a brand new customer I had many questions. I was so amazed and pleased with the superb customer service I received from the Streetwise team. “Joe”, in particular, has been extremely patient and kind while walking me through the entire process of ordering shipments of products, etc. My ignorance did not scare him off, but always handled my questions warmly and extremely professionally. My confidence in this company is soaring, and I look forward to many years of a great partnership!

Kathy Anderson, AnderSense

"I have been working with Streetwise Security since 2004. Ray and his team have been a great pleasure to work with. Not only are they are true professionals, they are also very down to earth and very easy to work with. My experience with them has been excellent. They are definitely one of the best vendors in the safety product industry. I highly recommend Streetwise Security to any company who only wants to do business with a top-notch company."

Joe Lau, Best Stun Guns

"Recently I had the pleasure of working with JT in order to resolve a customer service issue. JT was very knowledgeable and helpful, and he represented your company well. The thing that impressed me the most, though, is that he kept his word; when he said he would email and call within a certain time frame, he did. These days it seems hard to find employees and companies that have the integrity to keep their word even with simple things like emailing and calling back when they say they will. Thank you so much for having such an exceptional employee as part of your team."


"I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all you have done to help our business grow. Joe and JT (from our Sales Dept.) have helped to achieve this growth. The quality of the product, along with their professionalism and expertise, have helped to make Streetwise Security the first place I choose for my merchandise needs."

Denise Winton, Co-Owner, L & D Collectibles Alley Cat Personal Defense Products

"I don't know who packed my order yesterday, but let the warehouse staff know they packed it like Ft. Knox! I think it could have been dropped from a tall building and not a single box would have been damaged :) Really, it was a superb job and it was very appreciated!"

Jeffrey Miovech, MiWray Global Marketing LLC

"Got the new disable pin with strap in the mail today, thank you so much. To be totally honest, I didn’t think it would be this easy. In today's business environment service after a sale is rare, if it exists at all. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I can only say that based on this one small experience you are rare company in 2013."

Chris Klein, Bradenton FL

"Hello Streetwise Security Team! My first order was great. Thank you for the great packing. Great service, great products, great pricing. What more could a dealer ask for? I see many years of a good business relationship in the future."

Spray Daddy, Bakersfield CA

"Greetings! I just wanted to say, "Thank you!" for all of your great service and products. Through eBay and Amazon, I have generated over $4,000 in sales in a little over 30 days…. I am excited about this venture and look forward to a long and dedicated partnership!"

Jeffrey Moivech, MiWray Global Marketing

"I want to let you know your guys made sure my case of guns shipped today. Joe & JT knew I was hurting bad for the guns and made it happen. I just want to commend your guys on an outstanding job. They care about your customers. Outstanding work Ray!"

Irv Miller, President, J & L Self Defense Products

"Thank you for the quick response to my last email. Everyone there is so helpful, and it makes doing business with you so much easier. You guys know what you are doing!"

Stephanie, Self-Defense Supply

"Streetwise Security is one of the best companies I've done business with. My account was set up fast, and all questions answered quickly and professionally."

Edward Locklear, Freedom Chief Trading Post

"Thank you guys for all your help and thanks for being one of the fastest most trusted suppliers I have ever done business with. I wish every company I did business with worked like you guys. Man, I wish you guys would start carrying other products as well as what you sell right now. I would then probably just transform my business to just sell a deal with you guys only. You guys are a great company, with great products and fast shipping!!!"

Jon Johnston - CEO - Jon Boys Collectibles & Gifts Co.

"After working with Streetwise Security for almost 4 years now, I would like to compliment you guys on your great customer service, fast shipping and professionalism. You guys are one of the best in the wholesale industry! Every time I had an issue or concern, you dealt with it quickly and efficiently. Streetwise is the only company I trust to handle my drop shipping needs! Thank you again for your Excellent customer service! I will continue to order from Cutting Edge Products Inc!"

SafetyBuddy, Irvine, CA

"I have many unpleasant experiences with other sites that wouldn't give a name or phone number if I had a problem with an order. When I was setting up my account with you I had a few questions and called. All my questions were answered by a knowledgeable person, and if I had any problems, they were taken care of right away. I encourage you to sell this concept to all your future customers. IF YOU CAN'T SPEAK TO A REAL LIVE PERSON (BEWARE)! Once again, Thank you and your staff for an impressive site and support!!!"

Al, FunTimes4U2, Aurora, OH

"I have purchased and sold Streetwise Security Products for a few years WITHOUT ONE problem. I have not had this experience with any other company I deal with. The best products, the best shipping department, and the best customer service. The only company that I have found trustworthy enough to use as a drop shipper!!! Streetwise - The Name Says it ALL!!!!"

Valerie Bonaro, Jacksonville, FL

"Ray, first, I would like to thank you for your help in setting up my drop shipping account and handling my first order. If you are not the boss be sure and copy him on this letter. Your professionalism in dealing with customers ensured that the process was both quick and painless. You're getting the graphics disk together in time to include with my order is greatly appreciated."

Black Mountain Security

"Streetwise Security is top-notch. After reviewing the merchandise line on, exchanging correspondences and ordering from Streetwise Security Products, I have only the best to say about this company. The Streetwise Staff goes above and beyond all expectations. They are very customer friendly and informative in their communications. Their notifications on orders placed and their shipment notices are organized and timely. They structure shipping documentations in an easy-to-read print-out. The merchandise arrived on time and well packaged. I am satisfied with the quality of every item. There were no surprises. Everything was exactly as it was pictured and described. Streetwise Security has my full respect and admiration. I would not hesitate to refer them to others. Best Regards Streetwise!"

Dianne Morrison

"Hello Streetwise Staff, I have been so pleased with the service we here at have received from Streetwise that I just had to write a quick thank you! Your prices may be some of the lowest around, but that is not the only thing that keeps me coming back. The customer service provided by your staff is second to none! I'm sure I'm not your only customer that was a tad upset when Tracy left, but Debbi has been doing an exemplary job. She seems to have picked up right where Tracy left off, and I am very pleased with the way she handles my account. Everyone, and I mean everyone, at Streetwise Security Products is top-notch (Debbi, Renee, Mike, Ray, Jimmy, hope I didn't forget anyone). You have always made me feel like I'm your #1 most important client. Ok, I said a "quick thank you," so I'm going to close this by saying one more thing. If you want to be treated like a VIP client, regardless of order size or frequency, then Streetwise is the place to do business. Thank you for your time."

Shawn Murphy

"I have been working with Streetwise for about 2 years and I feel that Streetwise is a VERY well run Business. Their products are superb, as well as their order processing. Their tech support and their customer support is terrific...The service at Streetwise can be summed up in one word, "Excellent"."

Maureen Howarth... A very satisfied customer

"I have truly enjoyed my business relationship with Streetwise Security Products. They have been my supplier and drop shipper for over a year now and have proven to be a reliable company with excellent customer service." Good luck with the new website. I'll be looking forward to it! By the way, thanks for the quick reply and thanks for your excellent customer service. I really enjoy doing business with you guys- all of you are very cool."

Aaron De La Garza, SkyWay Products

"Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the polite, prompt service you provide. If only all the people I did business with were as professional and caring as all of you are. I appreciate the fact that you always ship my orders so quickly, and I really like getting the product updates. Thanks again for a job well done, and I hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving."

Kimberly Freeman, Impact Training

"Thank you very much for your kind attention! I have your website back up. Your website is outstanding and the products are great. The best thing is your staff --- always helpful and quick to respond. I have a new small kids' products website and from the companies I am dealing with, I always get the best service from Streetwise Security Products. Because I am new, I haven't placed many orders yet, but the site is catching on and I hope to give you more business in the future."

Sandra Fritz

"Thank you so much for everything... I appreciate your quick response for my customers sake... I have been very, thrilled working with your company so far... and look forward to a prosperous future for us both!"

Tressa Barnett,

"I recently started working with Streetwise Security Products and they are GREAT. It was so nice to talk to an actual person when I called for a question. They went above and beyond to help me with my question. What an elite group of people. I hope to do business with Streetwise Security Products for a long time."

Michael Cupp, MBC Security.

"We have been successfully retailing safety and security products for over 10 years. We have learned the value of working with a few reliable drop ship distributors. Studies have shown that fast delivery is the number one criteria for evaluating good online shopping experience. Nothing is worse than a customer placing an order and the distributor fails to ship it immediately. The calls, the emails, credit card disputes... It is never good business when we have to explain why an order was not delivered on time. Streetwise Security Products is simple unsurpassed for fast, reliable order processing & shipping. Everyone at your organization should be commended and applauded. So often, as a retailer, we never hear positive feedback from the thousands of satisfied customers that have ordered from us. That's ok. But I want you to know we appreciate the rock solid support and amazing service you and your staff have provided our business. If anyone is considering starting a business in safety or security products, they would be NUTS not to sign up with Streetwise Security Products. Should anyone ever doubt your credentials, please have them call me personally."

Thomas Franks, President, Safety and Security Center

"I have been dealing with Streetwise Security Products now for several years. All I can say is that it does not get any better than these guys! I use them to Dropship Security items for me and in my books they are tops. They are number one in customer service which is really important to me. They are on top of things and get my items shipped to my customers super fast. If for any reason they a problem should arise, one phone call fixes it. They know what items I sell and take my account personally, and let me know when a new item comes in that they think I should market. There is always a warm greeting when we meet face to face at trade shows - like my best friends! In my type of business it's really important to know that you have a vendor you can count on- These guys are Great- Thanks again for another successful year!"

Andy Plaks

"I just wanted to thank Streetwise Security Products for the GREAT service you offer! I started selling your products towards the end of 2005, and I am looking forward to a VERY SUCCESSFUL 2006! To call and ACTUALLY talk to someone, really sets your company ABOVE the rest. Looking forward to doing TONS of business in 2006."

Coleman Dumas, Safe World

"I would like to take a moment to compliment you on both the quality and variety of your products, and the excellent, courteous service we receive from your staff. I don't know everyone working there, but Mike, Joe, J.C. and Debbi come instantly to mind. They are always conscientious about calling back to notify us of "out of stocks", "back in stocks", shortages, and other information that helps us run our business efficiently. It is rare to receive such excellent service, and I appreciate it. We now purchase a lot of products from you and our orders continue to increase. With the volume of products we buy from you now, we would expect to receive exemplary service, but what makes your company stand out is that we have received the same high level of service from day one."


 My name is Randy Jick owner and founder of Sun Sales distribution, established in 2008. We have sold millions of dollars of merchandise to Truck Stops, Travel Plaza's, and C-Stores nationwide. About 7 years ago I met Streetwise Security Products at a trade show. Once I brought on their products, they quickly become my best selling line and each year sales have increased. My customers were “shocked” by how quickly their stun guns sold and most are placing reorders every month. These products bring peace of mind and knowing we are helping protect people is extremely rewarding.

The customer service at Streetwise Security is excellent. I admire a well-run company and this one is top notch. They outshine the other companies I have worked with in the following areas:

1. Quality: product defect rate is extremely low
2. Packaging: professional and grabs the attention of the retail buyers
3. Shipping Department: fast and accurate. If there is an issue they communicate well until it is solved. For my business this is invaluable and Streetwise has NEVER let me down.
4. Caring and accessible management: working with owner and managers has been a true pleasure. They value and understand our partnership and have supported me and my business more than any of my other vendors

I would highly recommend Streetwise Security Products to any business looking for products that move quickly and want to work with a professional, top notch supplier!

Randy Jick, Sun Sales Distribution





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