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Jolt brand appeals to the buyer that is primarily driven by a low price and high model number. In the last several years many new companies have entered the market, claiming very high voltage amounts and offering low prices. Although these new models offered no lifetime warranty, were not covered by any product liability insurance and were inferior to our “Streetwise quality”, our dealers still began to request some models that could compete with these low price points. Our answer has been the Jolt. Although the quality of the Jolt brand is better than most of the off brands, it is not has high as our other two brands.

Streetwise Security brand is the one that have sold the longest. Through the years the Streetwise name has become one of the most recognizable brands in the market and has separated itself for competing brands for its superior quality. It is purchased primarily by individuals looking for a reputable brand, top quality, a lifetime warranty, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they (or their loved one) are carrying a “time tested” self-defense product. For this type of customer, price is not their highest concern when making a buying decision.

Police Force Tactical brand is actually part of the Streetwise Brand but with an important difference. Our Streetwise brand is designed for use by individuals whereas the Police Force brand is design to be used on a regular basis by professionals under rigorous conditions. In fact most of these models are made of military grade aluminum making them as tough as those who carry them. Although Police Force is engineered to meet the demands of Police, Military and Security Professionals worldwide they are also available to civilians.

If you are familiar with the stun gun market then you will know that the voltage claims made by many brands have risen almost as fast as our national debt. We wanted to share with the progression of stun gun voltage amounts and let you know what we have done to maintain our integrity while at the same time allowing you to compete in this unregulated market where any voltage number can (and has been!) printed on a label.

We have been selling stun guns since the early 1990’s. At that time, the highest voltage was 300,000. The voltage began to rise slowly and appeared to “top out” at 1 million. Things started to change drastically about 5 years ago when new "off brands" entered the market claiming these same units were 10 million, 15 million, even 20 million volts! From all the testimonies we have received from people using our stun guns we know they are an extremely effective means of self -defense, but our dealers were concerned that they were losing sales to these new brands claiming higher volts than ours. We contacted electrical engineers in the US and stun gun factories in China and learned that the real voltage amount produced by a stun gun was very difficult to measure and verify. But they all agreed that it was not possible for a stun gun to produce over a million volts.

Our Mission Statement is “to become the most trusted provider of products for Self Defense, Security, and Peace of Mind.” We knew that we could not participate in this voltage exaggeration if we wanted to fulfill this mission and continue our honest, straight-forward business approach. At the same time, we did not want our dealers to be at a disadvantage when competing with these high-voltage claims that were creating confusion in the market place. We knew we needed to have big numbers on our models but we wanted our advertising to be accurate (not to mention the possible legal ramifications of false advertising!). We decided to use high model numbers to show that our models are just as strong (in most cases, stronger) than our competitors' models that making these high voltage claims. This strategy has been very effective in helping our dealers sell these units. A good example of how this has helped our dealers compete is our Immobilizer cell phone stun gun. For several years, many different brands (including Streetwise) marketed this model at 900,000 volts. Then one company changed their packaging to state that it was 4.5 million volts! Although it was the same model as before, many retail customers believed this claim and sales on our 900,000 volt model dropped off. When we changed the name of our model to The Immobilizer 5 Million sales took off again. Just as a point of clarification, our goal is not to fool the end user into thinking that it is actually 5 million volts. In fact, we state clearly on our web site and on the packaging that “Actual voltage is difficult to measure and verify, but this unit compares to other brands that claim to be 5,000,000 or more volts.” The good news is that we are starting to see some other brands follow us in removing “volts” from their packaging. Hopefully, this will help to restore credibility to how stun guns are marketed.

Jolt, Police Force Tactical, and Streetwise Security stun guns and stun batons have lifetime warranty.

Jolt, Police Force Tactical, and Streetwise Security items have a one (1) year warranty.

Vendor brand items, such as Taser or PepperBall, follow their manufacturer warranty.

All non-brand items, like knives, have a 90-day warranty.

For Jolt, Police Force Tactical, and Streetwise Security Products, we offer warranties of 1-year or Lifetime. The packaging and/or instructions will provide the type of warranty and coverage. Most covers defects in materials or workmanship, with the following exceptions:

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, water damage or excessive moisture, the affixing of any attachment not provided with the product, loss of parts, or recharging the unit in any manner not in accordance with the included instructions.

The warranty will be voided if the unit has been opened or tampered with in any way (unless by an authorized dealer) or if any unauthorized replacement parts have been used.

The warranty does not cover corrosion in the battery compartment caused by long term battery storage.

Purchaser must check and abide by all local laws governing the possession and use of stun guns. In addition, the stun gun must only be used in a lawful manner for self-defense. NOTE: Not to be used on children, persons with heart disease, or any vital part of the human body. Not to be stored or used in environments where it is damp or humid or where there are extreme hot or cold temperatures. Do not use on metal objects.

Purchase of this product is an agreement by the purchaser/user to hold all sellers and manufacturers harmless of all liabilities and damages. Purchaser also agrees to use product only in a lawful manner. Consult your state and local laws.

Contact the Authorized Dealer from whom you purchased this unit for a Return Merchandise Authorization. The return unit must be sent postage prepaid and proof of purchase is required. Damage or loss occurring during shipment is not covered by this warranty. If your Authorized Dealer is unreachable, please contact our Returns department at 252-830-5577, ext 313 or by email at for assistance.

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