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Pam Toler, Surviving Breast Cancer

A letter from Pam Toler, wife of James JT Toler, an employee of Cutting Edge since 2007

I truly believe you don't know how much you can handle or go through until it happens to you. On September 23, 2011 I was told I had breast cancer. With my husband and mom both with me they reassured me that I could get through this. Praise God at the time I found my lump (August 28, 2011) I didn't put off going to have it checked. I was in the yard picking up limbs after the hurricane when I discovered the lump, told my husband about it and he told me to go have it checked. My maternal grandmother had breast cancer in both her breasts and her sister so our family had been through this before. It's amazing how God allows things to happen as I was the same age and same side as my grandmother. She lived to be 83 and did not die from cancer. The day I found out my stepdaughter gave me the most important advice, and that was to "stay positive!" When I look back, I am amazed that I came through it so well. My faith family and friends were all there for me and so supportive. By not putting off going to the doctor, the cancer was caught at a stage one. I praise God that it had not spread. Through chemo I lost my hair, but it's growing back. I held on to my faith that I would get through this. People still tell me I am an inspiration, but not really in my eyes. I was doing what I needed to do and holding on to faith that I would get through it. I have met some wonderful people on the way and we have shared many encouraging stories. Encouragement and love and faith are so important. One of my favorite songs is Casting Crowns I will praise you in this storm and that is exactly what I did... I am blessed and thankful.

Pam Toler

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