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Miriam Carey, Survivor of Breast Cancer

It was February 2010, and I was sitting comfortably on my bed with a textbook on my lap preparing for an exam on breast ultrasound and the many diseases that ultrasound can detect. I remember simply passing my hand over my left breast and feeling a lump I had never felt before. I passed my hand over again to be sure it was really a lump that I had felt. Immediately, I felt another lump- one in my throat! I had a feeling of blood rushing and draining from head, my heart racing a million miles an hour and a big knot forming in my stomach. This was the worst feeling I had ever had. How could this be happening to me? I just had a mammogram in December 2009 that was reported to be negative! I thought of my two young twin boys and my husband and how I would not be around to see my boys grow up nor grow old with the man I love. I was scared, yet I tried to stay calm and positive. I even tried to use my newly gained ultrasound scanning skills (which is what I was studying at the time) to scan myself and make my diagnosis. Soon after, I set an appointment to see my gynecologist, who confirmed that she too could feel the lump. The rollercoaster ride began. First, they ordered another mammogram to image the suspicious lump, then an ultrasound to confirm the abnormality seen on x-ray. A biopsy was ordered, and they called me back for the report. I had that same bad feeling all over again. The next few words I heard, "your biopsy confirms that you have invasive ductal carcinoma" stung so hard that I sat staring blankly at the doctor. I kept thinking this is only a bad dream, this isn't really happening! This was the natural human side of me. God worked in my heart and mind and as I look back at the beginning, I know God was with me and it was Him who led me to feel the lump, scan it myself and seek immediate medical intervention. Through prayers, love and support from relatives and friends, God was with me through the entire process; the peace I felt in my heart was greater than the fear I had in the beginning. I had a lumpectomy and the tumor (1.9cm) was removed along with 20 lymph nodes. I underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and have been cancer free since September 2010. I thank God for giving me life, for the wonderful support of my husband, twin boys, family and friends, for the wonderful group of doctors and staff that were part of my medical treatment and for giving humanity the wisdom to put together new and advanced medicines and technology that are helping to save lives and add to the list of breast cancer survivors every day!

Miriam Carey, Breast Cancer Survivor

One other thing I felt during the time my wife went through her cancer treatment- thankfulness. Thankfulness to God for bringing her through it, and thankful to work with the elite group of people that make up Cutting Edge Products. From prayers, to time off to be with my wife during her treatments, to meals, to help take care of our kids, and in so many other ways, the support was truly amazing. And both my wife and I were very thankful, and proud, when our company contributed a portion of the proceeds from the sale of certain products to breast cancer research.

Mike Carey, Cutting Edge Products

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