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Defending Orphans

The slogan for Streetwise Security Products is... Protecting What Matters Most. This product helps people protect themselves while defending the cause of the orphan. (Isaiah 1:27) A portion of the proceeds goes toward Orphan Care & Adoption.

A Personal Message from Company President Ray Gilbarte...

"November is Adoption Awareness Month. Did you know that there are over 100,000 children the US that are eligible for adoption and are waiting for a family? Worldwide, there are over 150 Million orphans. Although these numbers are staggering, they don't really impact us until we meet these precious children. We come to realize that they do not differ from our own children other than that they are desperately longing to be a part of a family. For many years my wife and I were foster parents and had the privilege to have 25 children in our home at different times and October 2012, my wife and I traveled to DR Congo, Africa to adopt two children. We visited children in orphanages that lacked the necessities that Americans take for granted, but what really broke our hearts was seeing how much these children wanted a family. During our adoption journey, we have met many families who will open their hearts and homes to these children but the expense of adoption prevents many of them from doing so. Thank you for purchasing this product and helping to bring a child one step closer to what they long for most... a family.

This product combines two things that I am very passionate about: producing the most effective self-defense spray and supporting orphan care and adoption. To help raise awareness to the plight of orphans and to raise money to support orphanages and fund adoptions, we have created an Orphan Awareness Pepper Spray. With this product people can defend themselves while defending the cause of the orphan. Isaiah 1:27

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